Friday, April 10, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: Doc Doc Goose

Well, since two people have told me about purple footwear this
morning, it's only fitting that I bust out my Doc Martins that I've
been saving for a special occasion. I bought these in Toronto years
ago. I was deciding between a replacement of my completely worn-
through red pair (and the replacement wasn't nearly as cool as the
original, and would need some "doc-toring up") or these purple ones.
My girlfriend at the time said "you know, if you pass these up you'll
be kicking yourself because they're so rare and cool and you keep
coming back to them".


Now, I've seen it before: my posting of my wardrobe on this blog may
make some of you dash out to the store in the attempt to look just
like me. I understand, it's natural, and I'm more than a little
touched that I've inspired so many of you. But please, take a moment
to heed the warning that I just read on the AP wire: "Are you talking
about the purple shoes in Walmart? Because they're recalling them -
the little heel strappy thing breaks off."

But apparently the shoes at are ok.

Now go forth, in the vein attempt to catch up to my trend-leading
fashion repertoire, and get that GDP growing again!

To be removed from this mailing, simply reply with "That don't look
like no shirt" and your request will be politely denied.


Ann said...

Actually, I *was* considering getting a perm....but I can't do anything about my height.

Anonymous said...

Does Kim let you wear those in public? A leprechaun suit is one thing, but those boots are just wrong

Talking to Walls said...

well, you sir/madam have delivered fighting words! i shall die to defend the honor of my doc martins!!!