Friday, January 8, 2010

Purple Shirt of the Week: Strings (not threads)

So once again we diverge from shirts, blouses and tops (and clothing
in general) to bring you something else purple. This time it's guitar

Why? Because they're made by Aurora Strings, the guitar string
company that just endorsed Talking to Walls as of yesterday morning!
Last summer while on tour, we learned of this company and their
unusual string coating method (I'll spare you the boring-to-anyone-but-
a-guitarist details). A few months ago, in a Discovery Channel-worthy
moment, Nat and I were invited over to their factory to see how their
strings were made. We met with their guys, they gave us some samples,
and we gave them some CDs.

Long story short, both parties liked what they heard, and that brings
us to yesterday morning's email exchange that added Talking to Walls
to their roster of artists (alongside our friends Mike Falzone and the
Peppermint Trick) and added Aurora Strings to our list of endorsements
next to Godin Guitars and Spectraflex Cables. It was a nice email
chat over breakfast, you know?

Anyway, this was one of the sets they gave me. They make more normal-
colored strings too of course, but I said "no, I think I'll grab
those..." What else was I supposed to do?


Kate said...

I'd like to mention that your visit to the "string factory" was the morning of your best friends (and, obviously my) wedding, for which you were the best man :)

Talking to Walls said...

oh jeez! i was trying to figure out when that meeting was! and I could have tied in the whole purple sock nonsense!

well, for anyone reading this...