Monday, August 2, 2010

Purple Shirt of the Week: Adventures of a Traveling Man

So between the band and the day job, I've been on the road now more
than ever. Which means I post less, but I get to see more.

So here are two Purple photos from the month of June. First off, my
friend Ann sent me a photo, after asking "Isn't it cool that the hotel
rooms are purple?" and I said "They are? mine's not!"

One can only assume they're updating the hotel and hadn't gotten to my
room yet. Because olive is not Purple. I called hotel management to
complain. Told them to pick up the pace, and yes, I would graciously
accept them moving me to the properly-colored room. And sure enough,
a bellhop showed up to my room, and took my luggage. But he must have
been confused, because he dumped it all on the curb...

A few weeks later, I was once again traveling and saw this tower in
downtown Denver. It's right in the center of town. Big Purple
clocktower, looking over the whole city. I knew I was home.

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