Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: Strong Like Bull

Or maybe that's "full of bull"...

Sorry for the missing post on Friday. I was unloading road cases from
a 42 foot semi (and then putting them back on said truck) so I never
got to it. And with the long weekend...that now makes this a doubled-
up week.

Whew, hope you can handle that much purple.

Anyway, I'm a rather buff individual, so all that work was pretty
easy. I could have done it all myself, but it's more fun with a
friend... Actually, it was "bring a friend to the theatre" night this
weekend - anyone of hale body was needed, to get this show loaded out
as fast as possible (16 local crew on load in, for your reference).
But I have no friends, only imaginary people i pretend to talk to on
blog posts as if someone's reading. Kind of like writing to your
diary in 6th grade about how you kissed Michael Cantore after the
dance...you're writing to a book, it can't talk back, and you'd be
mortified if someone who could actually respond read it - like your
mother, OMG...

*I never kissed a boy, liked it, or got involved with lip balm
fetishes. Any similarities to people living or dead are
coincidental. Michael was a popular kid in my class growing up, and I
think every girl in the class had a huge crush on him, even going so
far as to stage a production of a 2nd grade reunion when we were in
6th grade or so. Therefore, for this blog, i think he's into guys
now, just for the irony of it. I've just recently started talking to
people from grammar school, so what's a little dream crushing if they
read this, eh? (And if i've accidentally outed someone i've not seen
in 25 years from before we knew what boy and girl parts were and who
will never read this...man, i'm sorry. It just slipped out.)
Actually, no, he's probably married with 7 kids and living on a farm
with a small wooden house in Minnesota.

Oh wait, that was Michael Landon...

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Kitten said...

Cue the song, with altered lyrics:

"I kissed a boy, and I liked it!"