Friday, February 27, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: The Enforcer

Well there, Purple People, it's time for another installment of your
favorite blog. I know, i know, i missed last week. some weeks i get
a little late and slipshod, but last week just blew by with nothing.
Mia culpa.

I know when i am late or missing posting, because i actually start
hearing about it from people. Multiple people. Which tells me that
you people need to get out and go do something, just as badly as I
need to.

The person who really brings down the law is Katie, because I see her
almost every day. (Laura also facebooks me regularly about my missing
posts too, but i don't have a purple pic of her to share...HINT)

So if you want to know what a skull-busting enforcer that would bring
a Terminator to its knees looks like, here you go.

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