Friday, March 6, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: Marching to Your Own

This week's image works on a number of levels. I find myself thinking
about drums a lot lately. We have a show tomorrow night, our first in
NYC, so there's that (asking a drummer to hurry up load-in in a
cramped venue with 4 other bands is like asking cheese to be made
faster - it just takes a certain amount of time, can't rush it. and
the result is good, so just suck up and deal). In the van the other
day Jeff, our new bassist, started the discussion about our individual
writing processes, and i realized these days I'm very excited by drum
sounds (hearing Krupa in the studio this summer made me wish we could
turn around and do a jazz album instead, the room sounded great and
warm). And finally, with the new U2 album out, my favorite thing so
far is the drumming and programming, influenced by the recording and
writing in North Africa (i'll spare you my full thoughts on this new
record, and it changes every day so far anyway).

So, that's why this is a drumset and not a shirt. This was a kit that
came onstage after us about a month ago, snapped with my camera phone.

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