Friday, March 13, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: Necessity Breeds Strange Blog Fellows

So about 5 minutes ago I was walking and saw someone I needed to talk
to. So i took out my ipod earbuds and stowed them in my pocket. In
the process of wrapping them up, he happened to see the ipod i was
using. but before i go further, a story...

I'm addicted to my ipod something fierce. Truth be told, I'm an
itunes/ipod user, and find the interface easy and configurable; the
whole system just works for me and i don't see it going away any time
soon. all of which is important, because i have a 23,000 song library
that's floating somewhere north of 95GB in size. It's not my being an
apple fanboy; the whole integrated system was appealing to me when i
first investigated replacing my wall of CDs with something more
manageable and flexible. My ipod is a white 60GB model i found on
clearance (one of the first color ones, the Photo version, for those
asking). Anyway, the point of this backstory is that my MP3
collection is very important to me, as my old CDs are boxed up in the
attic, and i've been buying mostly digital-only in the past 2 years to
keep down the personal item ownership.

So it was with great distress that my ipod started dying about a year
ago. i've resurrected it a few times since then, but it's down for
the count now, as of last week. So while i scrounge the cash to buy a
new one, my girlfriend suggested i borrow hers, because i can't go
without music in the car or anywhere else, and she never uses hers (it
was found in a parking lot, brand new, never registered even - we were
honest and checked!)

Problem #1: It's pink.

Problem #2: It's a 4GB nano.

Problem #3: it's pink.

Problem #4: it's only 4GB

So it's no long term fix, and right now, the color is really not
jiving with my having woken up this morning in a brooding & pseudo
destructive mood and really needing to load up the ipod with old
Nirvana. Dark angry with pink nano. um, yeah, right.

So anyway, Tim (the person i stopped to talk to; remember, this is a
story that just happened) thought as i pulled it out that it was
purple, and that it should go on the blog. After i corrected him and
he saw it, we debated the merit of making it purple for real - would
be less PINK and my girlfriend likes purple better anyway. But i'd
have to get something else anyway because it's not mine and it's too
small. (But i shall point out I'm grateful for having anything right
now - driving with the laptop on the front seat is not quite safe for
skipping tracks, and i can only listen to so many podcasts that last
the length of my commute!)

I've color corrected this image so that you can see what tim saw. and
so i look less foolish on the internet holding a pink freakin ipod.

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Ann said...

You have been reading my blog too much, you are starting to ramble like I do.
Maybe a nice purple shock case?

Talking to Walls said...

yeah, i had a green shock-absorbing gel case, but it took a few hits before i was able to find a case for such an old model.

i'm thinking when i get a new one i'll make sure to spring for a purple case. everyone will know who's it is!

forgot to mention how ticked off i was when i last re-set it and had to reload my songs. I only have USB1 on my server at home, so it's slow and it took about a full 24 hours to load. and within 2 days after, it crapped out...

Anonymous said...

Before I read the story, I was looking at the picture thinking your face is really looking purple these days...thought maybe you were taking the purple lifestyle a little too far. Like that guy that turned blue from drinking colloidal silver.


Talking to Walls said...

my friend ali told me "With the things i've seen you wear, you're worried about a pink ipod?"