Monday, June 22, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: Martinis and More!

well, i am so far behind schedule here i'm going to end up ahead of myself. Though last time it wasn't my fault...

This is a compilation issue. I didn't have regular internet access for the last two friday, and i have non-shirt subjects, so here's what we've got: pictures from the last 10 days.

First up: what better than a well mixed martini than a martini in a light-up glass to serve it in? Better still, make that martini glass glow purple!

Sorry about the photo, it was a vivid purple, but my iphone camera is only so good. it turned the stem green, but you can see the purple aura around the glass. that's what I'm talking about!!

Up next is the reason why i was out of contact for 10 days - i was working on a show that i designed. Now, as opposed to the above picture, this was originally NOT purple, but blue. I specifically didn't want people who might know about my blog thinking i designed a purple stage. plus, blue looks better on video cameras. well, as the photographer informed me, an uncorrected digital photo of blue light will make it look purple. i dunno, but the pics came out purple. so had to share.

the second photo is backstage at my "command center" and that's glen my video guy. thats where i first noticed the purple photos coming out.

ok, that's it, more other stuff for me to do. go away. but tune in next week (though i guess that means later this week so i'm caught up) for a fab purple shirt i saw in my travels.


Ann said...

aah! flashbacks.

Anonymous said...

Too bad there weren't purple inner tubes at the lazy river. -m