Friday, June 26, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: The Price of Admission

No, this has nothing to do with my feelings of being robbed of my
money and time after seeing Transformers 2 last night (the movie
missed our low expectations - how?!?!?!?!)

I spent last week at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando for my day job (I
would confidently say i was probably one of their more unusual guests
they've had, given what i put some of the staff through; but the
lakers we staying there as well, so who knows what those guys do in
their off time...) Anyway, I was with Pete, and as we neared the end
of our stay he wanted to grab something for Father's Day - something
golf-related at the pro shop. ok, makes sense.

What didn't make sense was a polo shirt that cost $95. heck, pay
another $30 and you can upgrade that shirt to a whole bathrobe! Only
now as i type this does it seem like that bathrobe was a bargain.

So if you want to wear purple and play with the rich kids, you have to
pay the cover charge.

Michael Bay could afford this shirt. Maybe he bought a couple of
shirts, a bathrobe and some pants and then realized he had no money to
got some writers from the clearance bin and made his movie while
wearing his nice overpriced shirts.

I think that's what happened. So it's that clerk in the pro shop's
fault that I wasted 9 million hours of my life last night in the movie
theatre next to kids who were too young to be there but daddy wanted
to see it.



Ann said...

Wowza, you didn't mention the lime green stripes when you told us about it the other day.
My eyes hurt.

Anonymous said...

when I heard of the new Transformers movie, I swore I would do anything I could to avoid it.
FYI: Drag Me To Hell was just as shitty