Monday, August 17, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: Miles to go...

Well, internet has been spotty lately since we've been on the road, so
this blog's a little late.

Lots of miles traversed. Lots of foods consumed. Lots of peoples
met. Lots of songs played.

A few years ago a spring tour ended in Los Angeles, and as i had a
couple of days to kill, i walked around town. Stuff to see, etc.
Problem was, public transit out there is awful and i didn't have any
option other than walking (besides, i had run out of money and the one
cab i was able to take i stiffed him part of the bill - yikes!)

The only shoes I had were some converse sneakers. Which really hurts,
even when you get new sole inserts. I messed up my knee for weeks
after that. But still, saw what I could.

This tour we have my car with us (there's just 3 of us - Nat, myself
and different merch/general helpers) so we can get by without the gas
guzzling Ricardo. Today in Philly we'll be doing a lot of walking,
despite the car, most likely, as we're doing the equivalent of three
shows. You'd think I'd be smarter and NOT wear my chucks.



Ann said...

Are you still in Philly? Ishkabibbles on South Street, if it is still there, has awesome cheese fries. Or it did when I was in HS/College.
mmmm, cheese fries...

Talking to Walls said...

Cheese fries yum!!

We'll be in Philly in another 2 hours. We'll keep an eye open! Thanks!

Delightfully Quirky NY Chick said...

Ahem, you didn't wear your purple Chuck's in NYC! I'll forgive you this time ...