Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: A slightly more attractive house

Er, friend Katie found this in her travels. It's less garish than
that last house I posted...it's a little more...special in the cute/
planned sort of way?

Last week I helped my friend paint her new house. (She is a lover of
purple, but not like the attached house's owner.) This was not the
first house i have seen where the prior owner painted rooms all one
color - INCLUDING THE TRIM! i don't care if you are design
challenged, it's just a no-no and you should feel pangs of regret as
soon as you do it and force yourself to fix it. (See the full purple
house a couple of weeks ago for how badly it was executed with the
foundation the same color as all else).

Anyway, the color of the trim could have been forgiven if it weren't
for the living room. It was brilliant 1980s Miami Vice PINK. but it
gets worse. someone decided to get creative. You know how you can
get painting textures with a sponge or a rag? and how you get two
colors in a random, textured pattern? yeah, they did this in the pink
room. and what was the accent color they sponged with? GREY. Dull,
ugly grey. It looked like there had been wallpaper that was peeled
off and the glue was still on the wall. no, it was grey paint.*

so in light of that, this here is my dream home. as light in the
loafers as it may be. i'm a sucker for victorian-styled anything.
Including victorian-period robot gentlemen in tuxes and top hats. but
that's another story for another time that has nothing to do with the
color purple and therefore is trivial and not worth mentioning. so i

*there is a happy ending. we repainted and the colors my friend
picked came out very nicely.

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