Friday, September 11, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: Irony's the way to describe a shirt that was recently pressed,
worn for an afternoon, and then hung back up in the closet crammed in
with your other (probably purple) shirts. It's *mostly* good.

Certainly would be in better shape than that black shirt with the
french cuffs I carried around on tour last month to every show and
only ended up wearing twice because of rushed load-ins or whatever -
forever stuffed in a bag, sometimes aired out (translation: taken out
of the bag while rummaging for a toothbrush, etc, and left on the
floor until the next morning), and almost lost the cufflinks on a
rooftop in Washington DC. I know I wasn't getting those back if that
happened. But that story ends happily. And the other happy ending is
probably that I didn't wear the shirt more, for the sake of our fans
after the show. For anyone who's seen what goes into a live TtW show,
you know it means a lot of sweat all around, with about three shirts a
night for yours truly (load-in, show, and something non-offensive
(wet) to greet people in after the show before the load-out).

None of this has anything to do with friend Sharon's photo. She is
giving the two thumbs up, which is completely NOT how I feel regarding
this sudden invasion of wet new england autumn into my life. Hence
the irony. See?

And now you probably know too much about tour hygiene. And now
understand why sometimes band members start raiding their own merch
case for something to wear. (Ah, the multiple i84 breakdown in '07 on
the way to Worcester...)

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