Friday, September 4, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: You'll be seeing more of this soon enough...

Here we are, my rabid purple fans, in the first week of September. Summer is over, forget when the equinox says it is. It's September, when school starts, weather gets cooler and the first "R" month you can go back to eating oysters.

Speaking of, I have maintained for many years that I would not eat sushi. My reasoning being that we are evolved enough as a species that we can cook our food and not eat animals right after being killed without the appropriate amount of cooking time. I'm pretty open minded about food, but come on. (Cerveche cooks in the lemon juice? Yeah right, now many flaming lemons have you seen outside of a Village People commercial for Tropicana?)

I was in Washington DC this summer when my friend's husband was REALLY wanting to go to a raw bar in the Foggy Bottom district where all the rich and/or powerful peeps eat; the thought being the food would be excellent and as fresh as you could get it. And I wanted no part of the menu. Until I realized that perhaps I had been hypocritical, recalling I had, as a child, eaten oysters rockerfeller, which, of course, is raw. Well, when in Rome... I ignored the creepy realization of what I was eating and went for it.

So I guess when TtW tours Asia and we are in Tokyo for 2 nights, I will break down and have the sushi...

It the meantime, here is a shawl that will help keep you warm as you go a-Travelin'

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Ann said...

w00t! It's all about me.
Well, actually, it's all about sushi.
So I make you think of raw fish...?
Now, wait--caviar! Awesome.
Anyway, at least my hair looks good.