Friday, January 29, 2010

Purple Shirt of the Week: Special Double Issue

So, at last post (which admittedly was over a week ago), I shared with you, dear universe, the guitar strings that I got from Aurora Strings, whom Talking to Walls had just gotten an endorsement deal with. As I was writing that, I was trying to place when that meeting happened. My FRIEND Kate (you'll understand in a moment) pointed out that the meeting was on the morning of her wedding, for which I was the best man. Of course!

Let me regal you with my intrigue and sneakery.

Piture it...Newtown, CT...2009...the wind is blowing as the threat of rain darkens the sky...

Dress rehearsal at the chapel, and there's some goofing around on the altar, to break tension or, in my case, because I think I'm the most amusing person I know. The pivotal point here is my FRIEND the bride saying "I just have to try not to lose it up here" - crying messes up makeup and all, you know? And being the object of attention of the photographer for the day...

So I devise a plan - why not wear purple dress socks with my tux? Obviously, because what would any other self-respecting individual do? So the next night, I show up appropriately dressed, taking care that my socks wouldn't show in normal circumstances - standing, walking the aisle - the parts I wanted to photograph well and be seen by all, and disguise my assassin-like wit. Luckily, the groom, whom I've known since second grade, is used to my being completely inappropriate. I texted a photo of my stunning fashion sense over to the maid of honor and my FRIEND the bride, who were in the makeup and photo session, getting ready. I then posted the photo on Twitter, which feeds my Facebook, something about "helping my friend the bride laugh instead of cry on the altar" or something like that. You know, be able to look down and have something lightly absurd to distract her as I show a little ankle.

All I know is 20 minutes after posting that, my girlfriend gets a phone call from an old friend of hers, chewing her out for not telling her that we were getting married and very upset. And 20 minutes after that conversation, I was getting chewed out in the back of the church by GF for posting it on Facebook and her having to talk down her angry friend...

Good times.

Since it's been a while since the last post, I'll share more.

Here is a post-wedding photo of the bride and a friend of theirs, as we celebrate birthdays (husband, his sister and & I all have birthdays within like 2 weeks). so we go to his parents house and eat Dad's homemade pizza. One of the best traditions I partake in.

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Ann said...

Are you sure they are just friends? Because they look like sisters to me.
They have the same smile.