Saturday, March 6, 2010

Purple Shirt of the Week: Bowling

Look at this! Two posts in a week! Actually, it's only because
something purple happened today and I'm killing some time on the train
ride home from speaking at the Intercollegiate Radio Conference. So
why not take the opportunity.

Today I was bowling at a benefit for a women's crisis center. I've
done the event a few times over the years. Every year they have a
different color theme and give out tshirts. Can you believe the luck
this year?!

(Disclaimer: The purple ball I am hoisting was not mine. I'm a
weakling who bowls a great game out of the gate and quickly fades
after the 5th or 6th frame. That one was way too heavy and I would
have been sore as hell. Only wookies could use balls that heavy. Warms
them up before they rip your arms out of your sockets. )


Ann said...

But I hear you play a mean game of Wii Bowling.
How did the conference go?

Talking to Walls said...

Wiimote = much lighter than even the 11 lbs ball I was using.

Conference was cool. Finally met a guy I've known via email for years face to face, as he was the replacement moderator for my panel (which explains why I couldn't find our publicist!) other than the older guy who wouldn't shut up about himself if was pretty interesting. Hopefully got some college shows out of it too.