Friday, January 16, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: Dedication

So I was having trouble coming up with something for today. Not that
there isn't material - i just wasn't feeling the purple today. But
then I was reminded that I have today's photo.

Katie is an amazing story. She is so dedicated, she has made Purple
part of her body.

Katie was a daredevil pilot who flew biplanes. One day, near
Sheboygan, WI while practicing quintuple barrel rolls, the Canadian
winds kicked up and her plane crashed in the forest. Unscathed save
for her pride, she began the heroic march back to civilization. On
the way she met a troop of cub scouts who were lost and famished from
being lost for a week without supplies. Unable to move, they had laid
down to die, so Katie picked all 7 of them up in her arms and
continued to find her way out of the forest. But then she was
attacked by a wild bear. She tried to run but the weight of the
children slowed her down, and bear caught her and bit off her foot!
She managed to fight back with a stick, until the bear ran off. Now
limping, she managed to carry the 5 remaining children out of the
forest to a road, where they found a rest stop and able to get help.
But the phones didn't work, so she had to use the smoke signals her
Native American grandmother had taught her growing up in New Mexico,
until help could arrive.

Her barnstorming days behind her, she now works in accounts payable
for a magazine publisher. She has had her foot replaced, which
explains how this picture came to be taken.

True story.


Anonymous said...

that would never happen. boy scouts are always prepared. it's their motto. nice try, Brian

Ann said...

I know Katie and this is all true, she is a model for us all!

Talking to Walls said...

yes, however, they were not prepared for a whole week. tragedy happens, and it was only by the grace of god that katie was there when she was...