Friday, January 9, 2009

Purple Shirt of the Week: Rock and Roll

So you're probably wondering why a blog called "Purple Shirt of the Week" features things that aren't very shirt like. Actually, you might not be wondering that, since if you know me, you know it can be hard to keep me on-task. But allow me to explain the genesis of this wonderment, since it's not quite as random as the posts may have appeared until now:

Way back, probably in November of 2008, my friend Ellen and I were traveling, and she was telling me about how she lives in a house full of testosterone - a husband and two little boys - and they had just painted one of the boys rooms (and watch out HGTV, sounds like this kid knows his colors and has a mind of visions because his seemingly random colors pulled together quite nicely!) Anyway, somehow it came up that she's the only one in the house that appreciates colors like purple. which led to a discussion about my living room and full length velvet drapes. Somehow that led to this blog - my sending her the color purple every week.

And all of you are being dragged along- I mean, are along for the ride! I'm sure at some point you'll get to see her new Purple sweater she got for Christmas (ahem!)

This week's item is not a shirt (surprise!) but something much louder - literally. It's one of my guitars, a Peavy Predator, that used to be a trusty standard for me. I signed a deal with Godin Guitars a few years ago, and in the process, got one of their new (at the time) Triumphs (the silver one you see in the Cut Out video). Since then, I pretty much only use my Predator in the studio and take my stable of Godins with me - my love for them after all led to the deal. But in recognition of Talking to Walls climbing out of solitude and windowless rooms for the better part of 2008 and playing a full band show next Thursday at Two Boots in Bridgeport - and releasing our NEW EP "The Megan EP", I thought this appropriate.

If any of you Purple readers come to the show and say hi, maybe I'll pull the trusty 'ol Purple Predator out of the rack for a few songs. :)

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