Saturday, April 24, 2010

Purple shirt of te week: in under the wire

So now that the blog has been back on schedule, I don't want to fall
off - especially with that mafia enforcer on my case that I showed a
picture a few weeks back. So I'd better post now rather than go into

I've been trying to stay away from the computer since Friday night (or
had no choice, as I was the lighting designer for a dance show Friday
night. and yes, there was a lot of my favorite light gel color, Lee
161, a purple so deep it's dark and needs a lot of lights to see it,
and is so dark not only does it look like black light, but the 3,000
watt lamps burn through it if you use them for too long!), so luckily
I received a submission from someone for the blog and can write this
on my phone.

This comes to us from my friend Lanita, a blogger who has been
covering the band when we are in the NYC area (hence the name
) who shares my affinity for bad 80's hair metal. She submitted some
purple chucks a year ago. Sadly, they met an untimely end, when she
took a trip to Italy and decided it would be fun to stomp grapes at a
winery (it looked like fun when Lucille Ball did it on I Love Lucy,
even if Lanita was not being presented with an old world nemesis at
whom she would have to throw fistfulls of grapes.) sadly, she forgot
to take her shoes off, and while that would seem to make them even
MORE purple, it also meant forever after she was damned to leave
stains on her carpeting when she got back home. Stainmaster carpet
bedamned. Ao these are her new sets of chucks.

Look none of this email is making any sense, but considering that it
is after 1am and I had an early day and late nights all the last few
days, we will just say it didn't happen, ok?

Let's just marvel at these kicks...


Quirky NY Chick said...

And after the grape fiasco, I'll not be wearing my new Chuck's when I start over at the chocolate factory. :-)

Talking to Walls said...


god i loved that show.