Thursday, September 9, 2010

Purple Shirt of the Week: End of Summer

I've received a few submissions from my lovely Purple readers this week, but opted for this one. Why? Last weekend was Labor Day Weekend, the end of the summer season. Short story - went to a party, and later in the evening they pulled out a bottle of Three Olives Vodka: Purple. Not only was purple the name, and purple on the label's design, but it was tinted purple as well. This is my friend Johnny with his prize. Sadly, I did not get to taste any because I was driving home in a little while (there's a PSA for you, folks! Party as stupid as you want to, but be safe! Andrew WK would approve...) and the bottle was gone by the end of the night. <Sigh>


tom said...

nice said...

I would say that it is rather cute story of one drink!) I am a fan of your adventures!)