Friday, September 3, 2010

Purple Shirt of the Week: News Brief

Not feeling particularly uppity or clever today to accompany today's Purple Shirt (which look, it's an actual shirt! Thanks Kim!), i decided to plug in "Purple" into Google News.

(No, there is not a photo of purple briefs...get your mind out of the gutter.)

Rapper Ti arrested, along with his ever-so-classy wife Tiny, for drug charges, including evidence they've been hitting the cough syrup again...or purple drank, as it is known (aka sizzup). In addition to giving the color a bad name and exhibiting boring choices in illegal substances (cough syrup as a base? the bad breath and aftertaste alone...), he deserves to have his mic taken away from him and is a poster child of why you should stay in school. Learn to speak English, jerk, especially if your profession is to write lyrics. "Drink" is a noun. "Drank" is the past tense of a verb. It's not cute. It's as dumb as making up a word.

(Speaking of dumb and hip hop culture - watched a news report a while ago on Ghost Riding, where kids leave the car on idle to roll down the street, get out, and dance on the hood or next to the car, then jump back in the car, unless they've hit something or get run over, at which point i guess the game is paused. Anyway, the kids in the report referred to themselves as "going dumb", a term that is endlessly amusing to me. I'm sure that Charles Darwin is someone they've never met in their history class, so making a pun here would be over their heads.)

RIM now offers a Blackberry called Purple (but apparently only in the UK on the O2 network):

In other purple news, Katy Perry has made it onto the Hot-or-Not poll, thanks to her purple-streaked hair. I don't know if the blueberry wig ever made it into such a poll, but here it is, folks! And it looks like she's winning!

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Very nice selection of puns and word plays! Thanks a million for this interesting post! I am into it!